Socorro County Prevention Coalition works collectively to reduce alcohol, other drug use, and mental health stigma through collaboration, education, and policy change.

Our Mission

Our Vision


Socorro County, a thriving community that makes healthy choices not to abuse substances because they know the risks and consequences of use.


The Socorro County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, is a grant that is funded by the Office of Substance Abuse Prevention(OSAP) of New Mexico and a Total Community Approach(TCA) partnership. The TCA is a partnership between New Mexico Behavioral Health Collaborative and rural communities most affected by substance abuse.

What is Substance Abuse? 
Substance Abuse is a harmful pattern of use of any substance for mood altering purposes which leads to frequent and serious problems.  These problems can affect performance at school, work or home.  Many times, relationships begin to suffer.  Individuals abusing substances often have trouble with the law. Substance abuse is not simply drug abuse.  It also includes the use in inhalants, solvents, alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes. 

Almost any substance can be abused. 




What is “prevention”?

New Mexico’s Office of Substance Abuse Prevention defines “prevention” as:

“Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse prevention is an active process that promotes the personal, physical, and social well-being of individuals, families, and communities to reinforce positive behaviors and healthy lifestyles. The term “prevention” is reserved for interventions that occur before the initial onset of a drug or alcohol related disorder.”

SAMHSA defines substance abuse prevention as:

"Creating communities where individuals, families, schools, faith-based organizations, and workplaces take action to promote emotional health and reduce the likelihood of mental illness, substance abuse including tobacco, and suicide."

What is “evidence-based”?

The Institute of Medicine (2009) defines “evidence-based” as:

“Programs that have been tested and replicated in real-world environments, that have reasonable cost, and are supported by tools that will help to implement key elements of the program with fidelity.” (pg. 6)

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) defines “evidence-based” as:

“Evidence-based prevention refers to a set of prevention activities that evaluation research has shown to be effective. Some of these prevention activities help individuals develop the intentions and skills to act in a healthy manner. Others focus on creating an environment that supports healthy behavior.”


Refernces-A Resource Guide developed as part of an online training through the NM ATODA Prevention Workforce Training System.

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