Children Youth and Families Department Protective Services (CYFD)

104 6th St.

Socorro NM 87801


Open Mon-Fri 8-5



CYFD provides a number of services

that include helping counsel 

families that may be going through 

a hard time, they also have a 

probation programs that helps 

adolescents get the help the need. 

104 S 6th St.

Socorro NM 87801

Phone 575-835-2121

Open Mon-Fri 8-5


Juvenile Probation and Parole provides services for troubled

youth that may need to be on probation in order to comply with a

a charge they may have received. They also offer counseling.

Juvenile Probation & Parole CYFD

Rio Grande Valley Casa

202 McCutcheon

Socorro NM 87801

Phone 575-838-4031

Casa provides support and help for those children who have been taken away from their parents through court custody. They

also accept volunteers that are willings to work with these children

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